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Impregnated Wood

We provide press treated pine or spruce, copper-based without Arsenic or Chrome. Suitable to be used for exterior purposes, either class 3 or class 4.

Our supplier's plane and/or profile as per customer request. We can even kiln dry after impregnation so the lumber keeps nice and flat, avoiding further twisting, cracking or splitting.

The range of products we can offer is: planed, tongue-groove, decking, anti-slippery, battens, sleepers, rounded poles, laminated beams, DUO beams, laths, etc.

Material is FSC or PEFC certified and we can also provide impregnation certificate.

Clases de Uso


We are offering you the best ecologic sleepers from Germany at a very competitive price, we can produce any dimension, impregnation class IV, PEFC certification, treatment certification and we also con provide the CE mark.

Decking Impreganted Pine

Excelente outdoor alternative instead expensive tropical Wood Deking, low density and and high protection comparing tropical Wood Pine Decking is easier for installation and maintenance.  Here you can see some profiles


We can offer you peeled, rounded or squared Poles , chamfered or pointed from the best Est European sources, impregnated class III or IV or without impregnation. We provide you the treatment certification and also the PEFC or FSC.

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