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Gluelam beams BSH



From Central Europe we are selling and distributing glue-lams BSH, KVH and DUO-TRIO in Spruce, Pine, Douglas and Larch as Softwoods and Laminated BSH in Beech, Oak and Ash as Hardwoods. Qualities for Softwoods SI (Visual) and NSI (Industrial)

Big sizes are now available and we can go as high as 2000 mm x 260 mm base and up to 22 m.

The material is protected with plastic wrapping per piece and per pack. Certified GL24h and in cases GL28-32 and 36, PEFC or FSC certified, CE marked. We can also impregnate in autoclave for exterior purposes if needed.

Our suppliers can offer further machining with the K-2 unit: BHB, construction elements for flooring and ceiling, decoration and other profiles.


DIN 1052:2004


Lumber grade:

4074/1 S10 certification with HFA MPA


Finger jointing:

 ÖNORM EN386/DIN 68140 and EN 14080


Lamellas Moisture:



Lamellas Thickness:

 standar 40 mm, possible till 45mm.



melamín glue


*We consider standard length 12,00m - 13,00m y 13,50m

*All pieces are wrapped by plastic foil piece per piece except 60mm base.





DUO / Trio

Duo and Trio beams are made from 2 or 3 lamellas glued vertically to get a natural appearance because finger joint unions are not visible at its sides. There are 2 esthetical qualities: Visual grade or SI and Industrial or NSI .


DIN 1052:2004


Lumber grade:

4074/1 S10 certification by HFA and  MPA


Finger jointing:

ÖNORM EN 386 / DIN 68140 y EN 14080


Strength class:



Lamellas Moisture:



Lamellas Thickness:

Standar 40 mm, posible till 45mm.



Melamin Glue



Folied per bundle or shrimp wrapped by folie  piece per piece




KVH are massive beams join by the length with finger-joint system this provide a higher stability avoiding twisted beams and getting long length up to 13,00m.


Finger jointing:

As per DIN 68140


Clase de resistencia:

4070/1 S10


Humedad de la maderas:

+/- 15-03%





Calidad de superficie:

Cepillado de los cuatro lados, biselado, calidad visible o industrial, extremos cortados.



Hasta 13,00m




We consider especial glulam all beams with bases bigger than 240mm, length over 13,50m, not straight ones (could be curve, truss, boomerang or rounded shapes) or glulam beam that needs several manufacturing process or autoclave treatment.


Under the same standard production rules we can offer curve beams, produced from 30mm lamellas pending on the requested curved radius.


Perfect for the playground market, we are producing the glulam pine impregnated class IV in 90 x 90 or 68 x 68 mm with length up to 6,00m with clover profile that is the most common on this product.


CLT Cross laminated timber

ED-BSP consists of minimum 3 and maximum 11 cross-wise glued layers with general symmetrical structure. Those solid timber elements are mainly used for walls, ceilings or roofs in modern timber building. They are glued with PUR-adhesive by Purbond. This formaldehyde- and solvent-free glue is certified for the production of load bearing timber construction elements for interior and exterior use. Those massif timber elements are manufactured to the nearest millimeter up to a section of 3,25 x 16,00 m.


At the customers' wish, we offer support him regarding planning of the elements, constructional details, statics and construction physics. Ready-to-use assembly elements with rebates, exact window and door cut-out-openings, molded chases and holes, in one word completely joined, are delivered directly to the building site. Short assembly times and massif walls, which are essential for many clients, the versatility in design, and last but not least a healthy and comfortable room climate in solid are the decisive advantages of ED-BSP.


The elements can be adjusted individually regarding the demands of fire, noise- and heat protection. Therefore they are particularly suitable for public buildings like schools or kindergartens, as well as for multiple dwelling units and single family detached houses, offices and commercial buildings. In-house self-surveillance and controls by accredited laboratories and inspection agencies guarantee for high quality. Visible and not visible surfaces, amongst others also in Douglas Fir.


Ecological construction material with a high load-bearing capacity


Multiple crossed and laminated layers result in excellent form and dimensional stability as well as very good statically characteristics


Solid construction with large elements up to 3 m x 16 m


Large elements are minimizing assembly time and therefore construction costs Due to pre-assembled construction elements and dry construction method assembly and readiness for occupancy are very quick


Quality control in production


Delivery of construction elements which are ready for assembly - directly to the building site

Freedom in design - no limits for the ground plan


Healthy and comfortable room climate in massive timber-walls The large volume of timber optimally absorbs heat and moist, the surface is pleasantly warm - this climate guarantees for comfort and wellness


Very high heat insulation in winter, excellent heat protection in summer


ED-BSP is perfectly suited for low-energy- and passive-homes


Diffusible wall-elements, no vapor barrier necessary


High accuracy to size due to cutting with modern CNC-technology

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